Thursday, January 28, 2010

don't leave your lingerie in the laundry

Although I am in the habit of destroying anything
that I use on a semi-regular basis, there are a few things that I really try to keep intact. My dedicates are one of those things. I mean, a girl could wear her undies away until all that's left is a waistband (my husband's qualifications to finally retire a pair) but she'll be hoping she doesn't get caught with her pants down and might leave a lover questioning
how far down the line he is.

So for that reason alone, I will stand at my bathroom sink rubbing the fabric together, like under the sun, a brown skinned Hindi, waters rushing down from the turn of the lake. Hand-washing your intimates not only reduces the load of the laundry (and therefore the quarters you put into the washing machine) but is also easier on the fabric itself. I feel like a cotton candy swirlier when I am trying to unwind my tights from the agitator.

The soap option is also alluring. Instead of your crotch smelling
like "Spring Breeze" or "Lilac" you could pick from any of the organic
or homemade soaps available online or at your local Co-op. While they are sure to carry over their delicious scent you can relish the sweetness of supporting your local crafsters.

And lets not take for granted the privacy factor. Whether you do your own laundry (anywhere but in your own laundry room) or you drop it off for pick up, you are opening your top drawer for anyone in the vicinity to peek through. I can't say how many times I had wished I weren't in a laundry mat with a dirty, unshaved grease monkey or a single dad just itching to ask me how many loads I have to fold while also checking out the panties I'm trying to quickly tuck under my towels. There have been many "advances" in the laundry department but when it comes to my inner linens, I think I'll take a tip from my grandma and wash them myself.

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